Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Are you ready to accept the challenge?


Starting November 14th we will be offering a Bodycomp Challenge.

What we are offering are 2 different programs, one for Fat Loss, and one for Muscle Gain.

This will be a 3 month program that includes weekly:  3 workouts, coaching meeting, nutrition guidance and a mandatory check list.

This is the perfect program if you are looking to decrease body fat and tone up.

It is also the perfect program if you are looking to gain muscle.

Have you been struggling to get the results on your own in the big box gym?
Do you know that if you had the support of a personal trainer and other like minded people to support you, your results would come quicker?
What if I told you $400 was on the line?


Your in…..


Stop struggling with the scale and come get a guided 3 months of results.




How do you win the Cash?

Registare today by e-mailing or calling 519-765-1537, the cost is $399.99 for 3 months of guided body recomposition.

To kick off the program, all entries will meet the first week with our certified trainers and weigh in, as well as measure your body composition.

Complete the weekly workouts, meet with your coach, follow the nutrition guild.

This challenge will be based off of the greatest change in body composition.

Who ever sticks to the mandatory weekly program, and meets all the commitments and has the greatest change in overall body composition will win $400 cash.

there will be prizes for all of the other competitors as well..

If your interested in signing up or if you want more information on this program please give us a call at 519-765-1537 or e-mail me at or click here

sign up for Bodycomp Challenge

The time to start your goals is now.



Written by: Jordan King