finding time to get fit can be tough

finding time to get fit can be tough


Starting November 15th we will be offering a great opportunity for those who are having a hard time making a commitment to your fitness.

We will be offering a monthly membership at the lowest price we have ever offered,  $40 per month.

This will include two work outs a week with high energy instructors that are eager to give you a full body work out in less than an hour.

The Fit-In 30 program is designed for the busy person looking to get into shape and not have to spend hours in the gym.

The program will run from 7-7:30pm Tuesday and Thursday nights, and instructed by Coach Holly and Coach Jill.

Space is limited so make sure to sign up now to reserve your spot.

Call 519-765-1537, Or E-mail your reservation to images

Written by: Jordan King

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  1. Hey I would like to have a spot in your fit in 30 class ! Thanks I can send cash with Jill if that works for you

    • sounds great Tracey! you can send cash with Jill or e-transfer to the price is $40+HST so the total would be $45.20 after taxes. I will add you to the class list once we receive payment! Excited to get you back in here!

  2. Hi Jordan, would like a spot in the fit in 30 class. Will send money with Jill tomorrow.