Coach Derek started working with me 4-5 years ago, a young high school student,long and lanky. As he developed into a Jr. C hockey player and found his love for training develop, he was alway curious about the whys of his training. The more he trained the more I found myself talking into the wide eyes of a boy that clearly had no idea what I was talking about. Well, that wonder and curiosity has lead him to the University of Brock, where he is currently starting his 3rd year of studies. The now not so lanky kid has continued to develop in his training and we are currently adjusting his programming to work around his busy school schedule, but none the less he has made the commitment to the practice. Here is a little short to I asked Coach Derek (“Dags”), to give us some insight on his start of the year.


“Having studied kinesiology the past three years I have grown to love anything that is related to personal health, human physiology, anatomy, motor learning, muscle physiology, nutrition, and just about anything that has to do with the human body. The human body is truly an amazing piece of artwork and I am able to appreciate it more than ever. The passion that I have developed towards my field of study has fuelled my drive to further pursue a career in a health related field.

Truly the purpose of this blog article is to share what I have learned the past 3 years of school but, we all don’t have the time to read that. So for now, I will share with you some of the concepts and topics that have interested thus far in the school year. Currently I am taking a course related to becoming a personal trainer and what that career entails. So far we have only learned about the first assessment and what kind of testing to do towards that specific individual. I am also currently learning about how the body learns new motor skills and what’s the best way to practice to have an athlete, or a person during rehabilitation learn specific motor skills. We have also talked about how performance and the the idea of learning can be influenced by the style of practice. Aside from that, and without going into a crazy amount of detail, the year is still young and I still have a lot to learn. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned this far has been to follow your passion and don’t let anyone get in your way. We’re all on a journey, with everyone have a different destination and stop. So, stay the course and enjoy the ride.

Cheers, Dags”

Derek is currently available as an Online Remote Coach, and during the summers is available here at Maximum Potential Fitness for coaching as well as coaching our Fit In 30 program, he’s a great part of our community and always ready to be a helping hand.

With the seasons changing and constantly trying to improve things here at Maximum Potential Fitness, stay tuned as we introduce our team, and give you guys some more content to chew on.

Coming up, articles from RMT Holly Marr, Head Coach Jordan, Fitness Manager Jill Vording, and new to the team, Lauren Wolfe

Written by: Jordan King

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